Dia Adams, Travel Hack TravelingMom

Dia Adams, Travel Hack TravelingMom

Dia Adams is a Mom of two elementary school kids in the DC Metro area. Between growing up foreign service and working in consulting, she built up a serious love of travel that included visiting over 30 countries and living in Thailand, China, and Ireland (where her son was born). With extensive trial (and occasional error) her family has learned to balance passion for travel with the reality of, well, real life with two kids. Dia blogs at TheDealMommy.com to share hacks that help families travel more while still maintaining their savings and sanity.

Bonwi: The Travel Booking Site That Pays You Back

TravelingMom is always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in travel. We recently learned about Bonwi, a new travel booking site that promises up to five times the rewards you can get from other sites. Does Bonwi live up to the hype? Travel Hack TravelingMom Dia Adams checked out the site and has a review. The Mayflower Hotel: Living History Do you have that historic hotel you’ve wanted to visit forever but has always seemed out of reach? For me, that hotel was The Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. The Mayflower, built in 1925, has witnessed Washington’s...

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Seven Best Walt Disney World Restaurants That Don’t Need Reservations

Think you can’t find a decent meal at a Walt Disney World restaurant because all the good ones are reserved months in advance? Think again! I’m happy to share my off the radar faves, where I’ve always found a table, even without reservations. I’ll also share some tips on finding space at that must-do restaurant. I’m always amazed by my friends who stalk Disney Dining Reservations 180 days out to the minute to make sure they get a prize table at the marquis restaurants. You know the list: Victoria and Albert’s, Le Cellier, breakfast at ‘Ohana. I’m awed at...

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Traveling Mom’s 5 Rules to Find the Best Airline Tickets

It’s a question we hear often: “I have to be in XX city on YY date and don’t have enough miles for an award ticket.  What do I do?” The problem becomes more acute when you are beholden to the school calendar and flying on exactly the same dates as everyone else. Airfares are near historic lows: you can easily get to Europe, South America, or even Asia for under $500.  Travel Hack Traveling Mom  is here to help with her 5 rules for finding the best airline tickets for less. Find the Best Airline Tickets for Less This summer...

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13 Reasons Disney World for Grownups Rocks

Every time the Traveling Moms come to Disney World without kids we hear at least one “really?” from the peanut gallery. And that peanut usually is scarred with memories of endless lines, searing heat, and screaming kids. So today Travel Hack Traveling Mom shares 13 reasons to love Disney World for grownups. 13 Reasons Disney World for Grownups Rocks You can beat the heat. 90 degrees is a heck of a lot more tolerable from the pool or inside a pyramid. Without kids you can leave the parks anytime you get too hot or find lots of places to escape within them....

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American Revolution Museum at Yorktown Virginia: History Kids Can Appreciate

The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown has replaced the old Yorktown Victory Center.  It’s a smart move as the story of the Revolution is more than one battle and involves more than the soldiers. The formerly dowdy Victory Center is brand spankin’ new, both in its facility and its kid-friendly outlook. Travel Hack Traveling Mom took two tweens to Yorktown, Virginia, in order to check it out. Why Yorktown? Did you know America’s true Independence Day is October 19th? Yes, I know we celebrate July 4th as our nation’s birthday But a case can be made for the triumph at...

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Traveling Mom’s 14 Most Epic Travel Fails of 2016

Air mattress Air B&B? Check. Police escort to find a rental car? Check. Wardrobe replacement from the Bayonne, NJ Walmart? Check. Anyone can do a “best of” list. We here at Traveling Mom thought it would be more helpful to share our most epic travel fails. Well, if not more helpful, at least more fun! Let’s raise a glass and toast to a fail free 2017. Travel is rewarding, fulfilling, and usually a whole lot of fun. But let’s get real: from time to time we’re bound to encounter a travel fail. In true “we’ve been there” fashion- we’ve done that....

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Secret Disney Outlet Right Across The Street From Disney World

Disney World can feel like one big ATM if you let it. After the tickets, resort rooms, and meals you might not have any left for souvenirs…but I have found a way to save a bit at the House of Mouse: Disney Character Warehouse. The official Disney outlet locations are jam packed with souvenirs at up to 75% off. Even better, one is right outside Disney World gates! Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you click through and buy, TravelingMom will get a commission. Thanks for helping support TravelingMom. It’s funny how after spending thousands for Disney...

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