Dia Adams, Travel Hack TravelingMom

Dia Adams, Travel Hack TravelingMom

Dia Adams is a Mom of two elementary school kids in the DC Metro area. Between growing up foreign service and working in consulting, she built up a serious love of travel that included visiting over 30 countries and living in Thailand, China, and Ireland (where her son was born). With extensive trial (and occasional error) her family has learned to balance passion for travel with the reality of, well, real life with two kids. Dia blogs at TheDealMommy.com to share hacks that help families travel more while still maintaining their savings and sanity.

My Cloud Home Review: A Family Traveler’s New Best Friend

iPhone here, point and shoot there, memories everywhere?  We at Traveling Mom know how you feel! That’s why we were so excited to try out My Cloud Home from Western Digital: a device that keeps all of your digital stuff organized and in one handy virtual storage space. What did we find?  That My Cloud Home not only delivers as promised,  it’s a total no-brainer to use. My Vacation Photos are a Mess! We just returned from six weeks in South America. We hiked Iguazu Falls, dined on a frozen Andes lake and watched endless sunsets- each more picturesque...

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Florida One Way Car Rental Deal: Drive a Car to Florida for $5/Day

It’s one way car rental season again! It’s what? One way car rental season is that magical time in Fall when rental car companies practically give away car rentals because you’re doing them a favor: Getting the cars back to Florida from up north.  You can create an amazing road trip with half the miles and a quarter of the price! Travel Hack Traveling Mom Dia Adams has the scoop on how to score a one way car rental deal. One-Way Car Rental Deal Every Spring and Fall, I look for one-way car rental steals.  Most months of the...

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How to Save on Car Rental: The Traveling Mom Guide

We here at Traveling Mom understand that a car rental can eat up a huge chunk of your vacation budget. Fortunately, there’s no need to break the bank when you get behind the wheel.  Let Travel Hack Traveling Mom show you how to save on your car rental. I often hear from readers that one of the most frustrating parts of the vacation planning process is renting a car. With each company having its own promotions, loyalty programs, and extra fees, you may feel like you’re never going to find the best deal. After close to 100 car rentals,...

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How to Save on Vacation Rentals: Stay Worldwide from $35/Night

Hotel rooms can be both a huge expense and too small for many families. What if there were a way to get an actual condo, not just a room, for as low as $249/week? With flexibility and the right timing your family could be living large for pennies. Travel Hack Traveling Mom Dia Adams shares her top tips for how to save on vacation rentals. Vacation Rentals 101: Should You or Shouldn’t You? We here at Traveling Mom are big fans of living like a local when we travel. However, it’s hard to live locally from a 300 square...

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3 Most Important Things to Know about Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Some variation of the same question popped up at least five times in the last week: on Twitter, on Facebook, in a comment, even at this TravelingMom’s daughter’s Tae Kwon Do practice: “How do I get the most from my travel reward credit cards?” At TravelingMom, we take our points seriously and we are here to help you, too! Here are the secrets to getting the most from travel rewards credit cards. Disclosure: TravelingMom may earn a commission on credit cards approved via links on this page. Opinion is solely that of the author. Before You Begin Before you...

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Southwest Airlines Schedule Update to Jan: Book Your Fall and Holiday Tickets Now!

Southwest Airlines, the go-to airline for budget travelers, has released their new schedule.  You can now book trips up until January 3, 2018.  It’s time to buy those fall and holiday tickets not only to US destinations, but to many cities in the Caribbean and Latin America.   Exciting news today for budget travelers: Southwest Airlines has updated its schedule until November January 3, 2018. This means late fall and holiday 2017 are now bookable on the new Southwest Airlines schedule. So what are you waiting for? Most of you know that Southwest is a go-to airline for flights within the United...

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Using Miles and Points for a Disney Vacation

At Traveling Mom, “We’ve been there” are words we live and breathe. No where are they more true than Disney World. The Traveling Moms collectively have spent years planning and taking Disney Vacations. Along the way we’ve learned a thing or two about how to maximize the fun and minimize the expense. Today we’re going to share our expert tips for using miles and points for a Disney Vacation. Ask most miles and points experts about Disney trips and you’ll get a blank stare. Using miles and points for a Disney vacation is supposed to be notoriously difficult. However,...

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How to Add Disney Magic to Your Off Property Vacation

You’ve decided to stay off-property at Disney World but worry that saving money means losing the “Disney Magic.” Travel Hack Traveling Mom shares some easy ways to add Disney Magic and make your off-property stay feel special. Ask a group of Disney experts (like the Traveling Moms) if you should stay on or off property at Disney World and you’ll soon fall down a rabbit hole of opinions. I’ll leave that debate alone for now and assume you’ve decided to stay at a non-Disney resort hotel in order to save money. I get it – and have done so...

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2017 Daily Getaways -The Best Deals in Travel-Going on Now

One of my favorite travel hacks just started: flash sales called “Daily Getaways” from the U.S. Travel Association. The U.S. Travel Association partners with major travel companies five weeks every spring to release limited quantities of a specific item at 1 p.m. EST every weekday. The first two weeks of 2017 Daily Getaways, cheap vacation deals for families, are now available to view. Great Deals from Daily Getaways Daily Getaways offer a variety of deals over five weeks with a different one each day beginning April 10. Deals range from discount attraction tickets to vacation packages to hotel loyalty...

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