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Connie Roberts is a Professional Blogger who uses her words to advocate for others. Her lifestyle blog, Brain Foggles, covers these subjects, product reviews, travel, and more. As someone who has multiple chronic illnesses and has a daughter with chronic medical conditions, her goal is to support and encourage people with disabilities to travel.

Marietta Square, Georgia: Where Old Meets New

Town squares have become tourist attractions in many areas of the United States. Some are kitschy, some tasteful. Marietta Square falls in the tasteful and charming category, and is a highly recommended trip for families. The history of Marietta Square, Georgia, goes back to the Civil War. Now, restaurants, shops and events bring new life to this area. The Gone With The Wind Museum and Earl Strand Theater; paired with The Glover Park Concert Series and Eddie’s Trick and Novelty Shop are examples of how old meets new. Glover Park The center of the Square, Glover Park, is a...

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6 Tips for a Family Vacation in Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach is iconic for cars on the beach, spring break and the Daytona 500. It is also a widely known vacation spot for families. Known as the “World’s Most Famous Beach” it is about 50 miles from Orlando, close enough for a stop to relax from the theme parks and actually see the Atlantic Ocean. For a fun and successful trip, follow these tips for a family trip to Daytona Beach: 1. Daytona Beach is Crowded during Peak Season. Since it is in the northern part of Florida, the hot weather season is shorter than say Miami Beach. Peak...

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5 Reasons to Travel with a Disability

People with disabilities, like me, may be worried that travel will be too challenging. After many trips while using a mobility scooter and the diagnosis of multiple chronic illnesses, I can say wholeheartedly that travel is not only exciting, it is one way to forget about your medical condition for a while. 1. Travel for people with disabilities is empowering. You realize that man-made boundaries meant to keep us away can be overcome with ingenuity and resilience. No handicapped entrance in a museum in China? Get a bunch of people to lift that wheelchair with you in it! Can’t...

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Vacation Suggestions for the Dad with Disabilities

Do you forget about dad when planning your family vacation? For some reason, we moms worry about the kids and perhaps a romantic night out for our trip. But, dads matter too. With Father’s Day on the way, let’s consider some vacation suggestions for dads with disabilities. And then remember him throughout the year. For the Adventurous Dad Adaptive Skiing – It is common to see people with disabilities on the slopes. Go along with dad to take a lesson or two. Equipment is available for rent which helps your budget. Your family can ski together and then take...

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Philips Ultra Slim Multiple Outlet Review

Most of us bring along a laptop, tablet and smartphones when we travel. But looking for outlets in your hotel room for all of these electronics can be a challenge. Most of the time, there are either not enough or they are hidden behind the beds or the largest dresser in the room. Philips Ultra Slim Multiple Outlet can solve that problem. Philips, well known for TVs, has branched out to sell household products such as coffee makers, personal care items such as electric toothbrushes and baby items such as bottles. Along with tablets and computer monitors, Philips has...

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What Persons with Disabilities Need to Know About Disney’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Walt Disney World is a family thrill ride. Children at least 38 inches tall ride. As for persons with disabilities, there are some considerations to riding. Persons Who Use Wheelchairs To ride the Mine Train you must be able to transfer out of your wheelchair. As for people who use mobility scooters, like me, there is an area to park your device. Cast members are aware that you may need more time to get into the Train car and allow you that. Health Warnings of the Mine Train The signs outside the attraction with “warnings”...

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Would You Sue Disney Over the New Disability Access Pass?

Disney has always been committed to people with all types of disabilities, including physical, mental and cognitive. But, recently a group of parents sued Disney over the new Disability Access Pass. With the change from the Guest Assistance Pass to the new Disability Access Card, both Disney World and Disneyland provide return times instead of immediate front line admittance to attractions. This has caused some dismay among parents of children with disabilities and people with disabilities, but is the lawsuit necessary? The lawsuit, filed in April of 2014, is in part about the long wait times for children with...

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Disney Disability Access Card: Is It Worth It?

As a frequent visitor of Disney World, I have a lot of experience with accessibly of all of the parks. I have used the Guest Assistance Pass because of multiple chronic illnesses which require me to use a motorized scooter. On my last visit to Disney I used the new Disney Disability Access card and found that there are pros and cons of this system. Pros of the Disney Access Card The card was simple to get. Get your card at Guest Relations in any of the parks. If there is a long line as there is during peak...

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How to Enjoy Disney World with Spring Break Crowds

Disney World is a hot spot for families, couples and tour groups. There are always masses of people at the Disney World parks, but spring break is one of the most crowded times of the year. Even with all those people waiting in line for the attractions, staying on the sidelines to view the parades and eagerly looking at the menus of the many restaurants, you can appreciate your time there. These tips will help out. Make dining reservations as early as possible. You can call 407-WDW-DINE or visit – Another tip is to bring snacks to tide...

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Looking for Adventure? Try a No-Destination Road Trip

Being a traveler can sometimes feel like being a wanderer. You discover new places. You roam a country, a town or a road and wonder where you will end up. That is what a no-destination road trip is all about – feeling like a nomad! Last summer, my family and I went on a no-destination road trip. We didn’t have a plan, except for a stop at my daughter’s home in Kansas, or an end point. It was an adventure that we would like to do again. I hope my story will entice you to give it a try....

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