Hire a Glass-Bottom Boat in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Lands end is an area at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. This spot is where the sea of Cortez meets the Pacific ocean. Jutting out of the water are huge rock formations made of granite. As much as 200 feet tall, these formations are a feast for the eyes. The most famous is called The Arch. It has become a symbol for Cabo. Tall and majestic, you can watch the water rushing through the archway.These landmarks are only reachable by boat. We hired a glass bottom boat. There are boats for hire everywhere. As you walk...

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5 Tips for Flying with a Pet in Cabin

Taking the family pet on vacation with you can make lots of great memories.  But did you know there are rules and regulations to flying with a pet in cabin?  Here are 5 tips that will help streamline that process.Which pets can fly with me?It varies greatly with each airline.  Some only allow cats and dogs.  Others allow dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hampsters and guinea pigs.  You will definately want to check with the airline to see if your pet can come in the cabin with you.   Can my pet go anywhere I want to fly?No, pets cannot...

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A Traveling Mom's Favorite Road Trip Snacks

Snacking is a big part of any road trip.  Depending on how far you go, you need to eat and feed your children.  But you can also use snacks as a break in the monotony and to help with boredom.  The driving portion of a road trip can be just as memorable as the destination.  I like to give myself a break on vacations.  For me, this isn’t a time to diet or be strict about nutrition.  It is vacation after all.  So I stock up on everyone’s favorite treats.  When the kids get bored I can say ok...

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5 Tips for Doing Disneyland in One Day

If you only had one day to visit Disneyland, would you still go? I say absolutely. Any chance for Disney is a good one. One day is short, however, there are several things you can do at Disneyland in one day to make your visit more memorable. Set your expectations You need to know upfront that you will not be able to see and do everything Disneyland has to offer. Especially if you are visiting during a peak crowded time. Realizing this and not letting your self get frustrated over it is the first step to enjoying your day...

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How to Get a Good Bereavement Rate

Bereavement rates with airlines are notoriously bad.  Usually it is because passengers don’t have advance notice and we all know last minute airfare is expensive. Most airlines only offer a small percentage off the ticket price for a bereavement fare–around 5-10%. So if you have to book pricey last minute tickets 5-10% off isn’t incredibly helpful. There are a few things you can do to help your case.  It will require some leg work on your part but if you are willing to put a little time in you might reap the rewards.  SearchStart by searching online for ticket...

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