Becky Davenport

Becky Davenport

BeckyDavenport began sharing her family travel stories after many of her friends called, texted, or nagged to find out where her latest adventure was. The real truth about her adventures is she has a strong dislike for sitting still, being bored, and really doesn’t like to go to the same old places everyone else goes. She says she's no nature expert even though they spend a lot of time outdoors, however, she has a firm belief that fresh air exhausts kids, getting a little dirty is good for their health, and discovering new things keeps them diversified. When Becky is not blogging, traveling, or chasing kids, she enjoys running, dancing, and photography.

Fall in Midwest: Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois

The beauty of autumn is seen best here in the Midwest.  Our temperatures tend to stay warm long enough to dry out the leaves. Then we get our first frost just early enough to make those leaves crisp.  I learned this a long time ago from my Grandma. Yet it never made sense to me until a few years ago when I really stopped and gazed at the beauty of Fall in the Midwest. Read on to find out where to catch the colors of fall in Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois. Fall in Midwest Ah who doesn’t love fall?  The...

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9 Not-To-Miss Kid Friendly Missouri Museums

Dusty old artifacts and a cranky curator shushing you to be quiet are the museums of the past. Today you can visit a Missouri museum and learn about fighter pilots or slide down a mile long slide! Get wild about history at these 9 not-to-miss, kid friendly Missouri Museums that you will want to visit. Make Learning Fun at Kid Friendly Missouri Museums Forget about the ho-hum museums of the past. From St. Louis to Jefferson City, Missouri museums put the fun in history for all ages. Take a look at these 9 kid friendly Missouri museums that make learning...

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Train Travel with Family: Amtrak, Is it Worth It?

No denying that there is something magical about kids and train travel. For years, my 8-year-old has been nagging me about riding a train. To me, the process seemed so complicated and stressful (maybe even more so than flying), but I finally caved last month and booked our family a vacation to Jefferson City, Missouri by Amtrak Train. But is train travel with the family worth it?   Train Travel with Family The idea of traveling by train seemed so nerve-wracking to me. How was it possible that I can fly across country, but stepping on a train seemed like...

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Family Friendly, Food Fun Trip to Jefferson City, Missouri

If you want to starve on vacation, do not go to Jefferson City, Missouri – because the residents like to feed you! But seriously those who enjoy local flavor, great hospitality, and tasting more amazing food than you can stand to eat, pack your bags for a family friendly, food fun trip to Jefferson City, Missouri. Get your Foodie On in Jefferson City, Missouri The majestic Missouri River and tree lined bluffs frame Jefferson City. I’ve always loved the beauty — and surprises–when visiting Midwest towns with their natural landscape, historic buildings, and special landmarks tucked away into the quiet yet...

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Before I Say “I Do,” We Must Travel

With marriage comes change, but before you decide to say “I do,” you must think about your travel habits.  Does your husband-to-be understand your travel habits and lust for travel? Put his skills to the test before you slip that ring on your finger. It would be tragic to have to sacrifice travel for love!   I have decided to give up my title as a “single mom” and become a wife again. Picking the right husband can be quite complicated: you have religious views, political views, education, work ethic, and travel habits. I mean I can’t marry a...

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Incredible Pizza, St Louis, Missouri – Maybe Only Semi-Incredible

Pizza, go carts, bumper cars, laser tag – oh my! Where you going to go to get all that and more? Is it all that incredible? Or semi-incredible? Read on for a credible look at the family-friendly Incredible Pizza, St. Louis, Missouri. Incredible or Meh? Review of Incredible, Pizza, St. Louis, Missouri I am the kind of mom that spends months hyping my kids up about a place that I have found, especially if it sounds really cool. I’m always on the lookout for family-friendly restaurants. I read about Incredible Pizza in St. Louis, Missouri and decided it sounded just like...

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9 Ways to Save Money During the Holidays

Ever feel like you pull out your wallet more than good will during the holidays? We do too, but get ready to change that this year by following these nine ways to save money during the holidays. Happy Holidays! Now empty your wallet! That is exactly how I use to feel about this glorious season. I love the holidays, but I don’t love spending money – especially money I don’t have. The holidays shouldn’t be about going broke or in debt. The holidays are about family, faith, and enjoying the season. Several years of spending more than I had...

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Hotel Review: Stoney Creek Hotel, Independence, Missouri

Finding a hotel that meets everyone’s needs and wants can be nearly impossible, but what is harder is finding that kind of hotel on a budget.  Stoney Creek Hotel not only has everything a family would need, but the hotel has it in a beautiful way. Stoney Creek Hotel in Independence, Missouri is an upscale hotel with amenities to fit every family’s needs. Beautifully decorated, but the hotel adds in special touches that makes you feel right at home. The property is located outside of the downtown of Independence, Missouri, giving you that feeling of being “out of town”...

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See Independence Missouri with The Original Trailblazers

  On Saturdays, May through the end of October, you will find people out of the ordinary roaming the streets of Independence, Missouri.  The Original Trailblazers have taken the streets of Independence to make learning the history of Independence fun and interactive for visitors. See Independence Missouri with The Original Trailblazers “”Mom, who are all these people walking around town and why are they dressed like they live in the past?” At first my 7-year-old was a bit confused by the unusually dressed people roaming the streets of Independence, Missouri, but after a few hourshe began to make friends...

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Free But Still Fabulous Things to Do in St Louis, Missouri

When you hear “free” do you think that means “this place is going to be cheaply done?” Sadly, that’s sometimes the case. But not in St Louis, Missouri. These seven free attractions in St Louis are state of the art and designed to keep kids, and families, happy. Free in St. Louis Missouri History Museum This is no cheaply done museum; this is a state-of-the-art museum, loaded with knowledge, education, and oh did I mention that it is completely kid friendly? We spent hours wondering around the museum, learning everything from the history of the Holocaust to the history of the St...

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