Amy Albers, Inquisitive TravelingMom

Amy Albers, Inquisitive TravelingMom

Amy is an Atlanta runner mom of three behaviorally spunky boys - two ADHD teens and a gradeschooler. As a preschool teacher, she applies her skills with two year olds to traveling with teens and employs patience, humor and lots of distractions. She loves to expose her kids to learning and new experiences while satisfying a family divided over beach or mountain destinations. Fortunately, both are plentiful in the South! She is known for having a slight Disney obsession and prefers superheroes to princesses. You can catch up on her running, parenting and family travel adventures at Mom's Magical Miles.

Disney’s Tom Sawyer Island Four Reasons Not To Skip It

If you’ve been to Walt Disney World repeatedly, you may consider yourself something of an expert.  You know how to navigate the parks with the skills of a ninja.  You know which attractions to hit early, which ones can be saved for later and which can be skipped completely.  That’s what our Inquisitive TravelingMom thought, too.  It took trips with her equally inquisitive children to change her point of view on the oft-ignored Tom Sawyer Island. Y’all, in my mind Tom Sawyer Island was just a bunch of trees taking up space between Liberty Square and Frontierland.  I would see people...

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The Marietta Square: A Place to Gather, Shop and Eat

When we think of vacation destinations, we often forget about the places in our own backyard.  Our Inquisitive TravelingMom never thought about sharing one of her favorite hometown haunts as a tourist spot until recently.  But the Marietta Square in Marietta, Georgia has everything a traveler could want: good food, good eats and good stories.  Read on to learn more about the charm, history and highlights that make the Marietta Square a perfect day trip destination. Established in 1834, the Marietta Square takes care of business.  City business, that is.  Nearby you can find any manner of government buildings that...

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Mountain Tough: Why You Should Visit Sevierville, TN

  Although on the outskirts of the recent Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge wildfires, Sevierville, TN was close enough for residents to evacuate and prepare themselves for the worst to happen to their homes and businesses.  Like any good neighbor, Sevierville has supported the affected surrounding areas with charity and a helping hand. Our Inquisitive TravelingMom encourages you to visit and explore Sevierville yourself to see just what makes this East Tennessee town (and hometown of Dolly Parton!) so special. Mountain Tough: Why You Should Visit Sevierville, TN We are a House Divided.  My oldest and I are beach babies.  Lucky for...

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Collecting Christmas: Ornaments As Travel Souvenirs

Does your family purchase souvenirs when you travel?  Are they carefully curated, or are they a random selection of whatever catches your eye?  Our Inquisitive TravelingMom found her family grabbing all manner of souvenirs, some useful and some… not so much.  The more impulsive the purchase, the more likely that souvenir would end up on a shelf somewhere or in the donation bag.  Until she hit on the solution that helped her family narrow their focus but revisit their memories every year – collecting Christmas ornaments as souvenirs. I finally succumbed this year.  I bought an artificial tree.  But it’s not...

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There’s A World of Fun at Atlanta’s World of Coke

In Atlanta, Georgia, the phrase “Coke is it!” is more a way of life than just words.  The World of Coke, located in the birthplace city of that ubiquitous soda, has been offering interactive experiences for Coca-Cola fans for over 25 years now.  Located across from the Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coke gives guests a multi-sensory experience that won’t soon be forgotten.  Our Inquisitive TravelingMom took her kids to experience the sights, sounds and tastes of the World of Coke. There’s A World of Fun at Atlanta’s World of Coke My kids and I had the opportunity for an impromptu...

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Is A Walt Disney World Annual Pass Right For You?

A Walt Disney World Annual Pass is a coveted thing.  Depending on the level of pass you purchase, it’s an invitation to experience the Magic whenever you want, as much as you want.  That’s a pretty heady and tempting prospect for any Disney lover.  But that magic comes with a price, dearie, and you need to do some Disney Math to figure out if the pass will be cost effective. Is A Walt Disney World Annual Pass Right For You? My annual pass to Walt Disney World is expiring soon and I find myself reflecting on the value of that...

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Gatorland: Kitschy Fun in Central Florida

Theme parks abound in Central Florida, but have you heard of Gatorland? Our inquisitive family spotted it in a tourist brochure and just had to check it out!  We found a great mix of education and good old-fashioned kitsch.  My three boys, ages 7-13, had a blast but they also learned a lot.  Gatorland provides serious environmental education that doesn’t take itself seriously! Gatorland’s Old Florida Charm Central Florida certainly doesn’t lack for things to do, as most will agree.  But while vacationing in nearby Winter Haven, my crew and I took a break from our Legoland Florida touring....

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Stone Mountain Park’s Yellow Daisy Festival – Atlanta, GA

The Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain Park is a 48 year tradition.  This is the Southeast’s largest outdoor arts and crafts festival, so be prepared to be wowed.  More than 425 artists will travel to Atlanta from all over the country September 10-11 for this special event.  Arts and crafts not enough?  How about performers, fun activities for the kids and food – all kinds of food trucks and traditional fair food.  So y’all come on out and shop! An Atlanta Tradition The Yellow Daisy Festival gets its name from a special variety of daisy that blooms in...

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LEGOLAND® Florida’s Brick or Treat Event

LEGOLAND Florida is already a top Florida vacation destination for families with young children. Once October hits, though, they give you even more reason to bring the family. Their Brick or Treat celebration invites families to come and celebrate the spooky Halloween season with activities that induce more laughs than screams.  If you’re looking for laid-back and non-frightening Halloween fun (and candy, of course) for the whole family, LEGOLAND® Florida Brick or Treat has you covered. I have three Lego loving boys and a stop at LEGOLAND Florida is a favorite for us.  It’s located in Winter Haven, Florida, which is amazingly convenient if your mom just...

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Taking A High Maintenance Kid To Walt Disney World

Some children have defined special needs. Some kids are just… high maintenance. They have quirks. They are often difficult. Easily upset. But they deserve a vacation in the most Magical Place on Earth, too! I have one of those kids and when he was 12 I took him to Walt Disney World. The trip was indeed magical, but it wasn’t a fairy tale. You can benefit from the lessons I learned in how to navigate those sometimes choppy waters.   Taking A High Maintenance Kid To Walt Disney World My oldest son, now 14, has ADHD.  Emphasis on the H, loud...

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