Amy Albers

Amy Albers

Amy is an Atlanta runner mom of three behaviorally spunky boys - two ADHD teens and a gradeschooler. As a preschool teacher, she applies her skills with two year olds to traveling with teens and employs patience, humor and lots of distractions. She loves to expose her kids to learning and new experiences while satisfying a family divided over beach or mountain destinations. Fortunately, both are plentiful in the South! She is known for having a slight Disney obsession and prefers superheroes to princesses. You can catch up on her running, parenting and family travel adventures at Mom's Magical Miles.

Train Like A Master During LEGOLAND Florida Ninjago Days

Think you’ve seen and done everything at LEGOLAND Florida Resort?  You’re missing out if you don’t catch one of their special event weekends.  If you’ve got a ninja-in-training, then LEGOLAND Florida NINJAGO Days are calling your name.  In addition to the usual bricktastic fun to be found at this Central Florida destination, LEGOLAND Florida NINJAGO Days includes such special activities as martial arts demonstrations, a kids’ yoga class and fun meet-and-greets with the NINJAGO characters.  Our Inquisitive TravelingMom wanted in on the fun that’s only on weekends now through February 4th, 2018. As a mom of three boys, I...

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Traveling With An Injury? A Coping Guide

You know that saying about “the best laid plans”?  Life sometimes offers us unpleasant events that get in the way of even those best laid plans.  Our Inquisitive TravelingMom discovered that when she took a spill on a family vacation.  Ending up on crutches didn’t stop her from carrying on with her plans and traveling with an injury.  Read on for her best tips and ideas for traveling on crutches or with other physical limitations. As the Inquisitive TravelingMom, you can guess that I’m an adventurous traveler.  I like to be on the go, always exploring.  Even on my...

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Football Fans: The 5 Things You MUST Do in Atlanta

Although baseball is considered the national pastime, football reigns supreme in the South. People in the southeast are passionate about “their” team, pro or college. Given the number of transplants that live and work in Atlanta, the city has a diverse football culture that is celebrated every week in the fall. Our Inquisitive TravelingMom is part of a sports-loving family that has found the very best things to do for football fans in Georgia’s capital! Both my husband and I were born in Western New York to football-loving families. We know the heartbreak when your NFL team falls just short of glory. (Looking...

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Is A Walt Disney World Annual Pass Right For You?

A Walt Disney World Annual Pass is a coveted thing.  Depending on the level of pass you purchase, it’s an invitation to experience the Magic whenever you want, as much as you want.  That’s a pretty heady and tempting prospect for any Disney lover.  But that magic comes with a price, dearie, and you need to do some Disney Math to figure out if the pass will be cost effective. True to her name, our Inquisitive TravelingMom has three questions you need to ask yourself.  She’s got some great Walt Disney World Annual Pass tips! Is A Walt Disney World...

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Spend A Non-Scary Halloween At Georgia State Parks

Head to the woods for Halloween?  Are you crazy?  Fortunately, there are plenty of family-friendly ways to celebrate Halloween at Georgia State Parks.  Hayrides, ghost walks and trick-or-treating can all be found at your favorite Georgia State Park.  Our Inquisitive TravelingMom has sussed out some of the most fun activities near her favorite Georgia cities.  All of them are easy on the budget but high on fun! The state park system has always been a great entertainment option for families on a budget.  Our family has made it a mission to visit as many Georgia State Parks as possible. ...

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Be A Kid Again – Tree House Rooms at Historic Banning Mills

What’s better than staying in a well-appointed hotel on vacation?  Sleeping in the treetops!  Our Inquisitive TravelingMom Amy channeled her inner 9 year old and delighted in the tree house rooms at Historic Banning Mills in west Georgia.  The grown up mom in her, though, appreciated the amenities and home-like touches.  Whether or not you decide to sail through the trees on the Guinness-certified world’s longest zip line canopy tour, you can still appreciate the view when you stay in a Georgia treehouse hotel room. As much fun as it is to have to entire family together, I sometimes try to have one-on-one...

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Andersonville National Historic Site and POW Museum

Living in the South, our Inquisitive TravelingMom has a lot of Civil War history surrounding her.  Just a few hours from Atlanta is one of the most infamous Civil War prisons, Andersonville.  Andersonville National Historic Site just outside of Columbus, Georgia houses not only the Confederate prison site but a POW museum.  Why would she take her kids there?  When it’s the site where her children’s 3rd great grandfather was held and almost died, history hits a lot closer to home. Andersonville National Historic Site and POW Museum I was raised in the South but I’ve got a secret, y’all –...

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The TravelingMom Guide To Finding The Best Beer in Epcot

Drinking at Disney? Oh yeah! The World Showcase is known for its many delectable cocktails. But what if you’re a beer girl in a cocktail world? Here we tell you where to find the best beers that Walt Disney World’s Epcot World Showcase has to offer. The TravelingMom Guide To Finding The Best Beer in Epcot When my suburban mom friends get together for wine, they know that I will roll up with my six pack.  After three babies, I’m not talking about my stomach.  I’ve tried to like wine, really.  I can drink whites and not make that face....

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The Diverse Beaches of Georgia’s Jekyll Island

A beach is a beach, right?  You’ve been to them a million times. Sand, surf, sun. They’re all the same. Not at Jekyll Island on the Georgia coast. This barrier island offers visitors several different beach environments, each of them perfect in their own way. Georgia beaches are known for their environmental diversity and resulting beauty. Our Inquisitive TravelingMom ventured away from the most touristy beach and found that all beaches are not created equal. The Diverse Beaches of Georgia’s Jekyll Island Laid-back Jekyll Island is a favorite destination for my family. We were lucky enough to stay at the...

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Hiking History at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

Our national parks offer more than just great views and doses of nature.  Many of them are the champions and protectors of our nation’s history, the good and the bad.  A trip to one of these parks can exercise both body and mind, offering a little something for everyone.  Our Inquisitive TravelingMom set out for Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park to get her kids off the screens on a gorgeous day.  She ended up exposing them to important local Civil War history. Spring has sprung here in Georgia!  The sunshine calls me to come out of my self-imposed hibernation....

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