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Nancy Rabinowitz Friedman is a married mother of ten year old boy/girl twins living in NYC. She is a third generation Manhattanite who loves to travel -- as long as she knows she'll eventually make it back to the greatest city in the world. An award-winning television writer, Nancy spent nearly 20 years as a freelancer working for Lifetime, HBO, Showtime, ESPN, A&E, Nickelodeon -- just to name a few. Her humor essays on motherhood have been syndicated in the online versions of The Miami Herald, The Sacramento Bee, and The Charlotte Observer, in the multiple award-winning Brain, Child magazine, in the anthologies The Knitters Gift (Avalon Press 2005) and The Bigger the Better the Tighter the Sweater (Seal Press 2007). Nancy blogs about momming, aging, and her 20 year quest to lose the same 10 pounds at She has a weekly podcast with three friends, The Blogging Angels.

The Best Place for Kids You've Never Taken Your Kids

I am so glad we’ve discovered the Museum of the Moving Image.  When you live in NYC, you take your kids to museums.  By the time they were six, my son could find his way to the Arms and Armor exhibit at the Metropolitan, and his sister, to the Ballerina Paintings by Degas on the second floor. So now that they’re 12, (twins) they’ve been there, done that.  Sure, there are temporary exhibitions, and you could spend a lifetime going to the Met, the MOMA, The Guggenheim, The Whitney, and on and on.  But did I mention they’re 12? ...

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Great Art is Free in Raleigh, North Carolina

As a New York City dweller, I have access to some seriously great art. Aside from the museums – I live within walking distance of the Metropolitan, the Guggenheim, The Whitney and, if I’m feeling ambitious in the walking department, The Museum of Modern Art there are the galleries of Chelsea and 57th Street, the downtown art scene, Brooklyn. So when I travel to smaller cities in the U.S., I’m not expecting to be wowed by the art scene.  Well, The North Carolina Museum of Art wowed me.First, there’s the price: always free. I cannot tell you how impressed...

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Biking in Barcelona

I love a good walking city.  Give me NY, Paris, London, Rome.  LA, with it’s drive to your car to drive to somewhere else so you can drive back – not so much. But sometimes, two wheels are better than two feet. That’s why I like bike tours. Discovering a new place on a bike gives you a whole new perspective.  And that’s just what I did in Barcelona earlier this summer. There’s something about pedaling along the streets, in the heart of traffic, on the too-narrow-for-cars Medieval streets, across a park filled with playing school children  – that...

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Barcelona Without the Kids

For the first time in since our 12-year-old twins were born, my husband and I are taking a big trip without them.  We are in Spain. And for those of you with kids who don’t travel without them – I highly recommend it. Traveling without the kids has allowed my husband and I to just do…whatever. No need to schedule everything so much to make sure no one gets bored. Sitting at a café for an hour watching the world go by isn’t boring to us.  It’s allowed us to eat wherever, whenever, or not at all. It’s allowed...

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Arroyo Vista Inn: Historic Charm Meets Modern Luxe

Los Angeles scares me. As a New Yorker, that may seem weird to you, but it’s an East Coast/West Coast thing. and I know there is plenty to recommend it. But recently, when KidzVuz (my website for kids) was a media sponsor of the Engage Digital Kids Conference in Pasadena, California, I went – and discovered I actually liked Southern CA. Pasadena is best known for the Tournament of Roses. Also, for being the anti-LA – low-key, non celebrity infused, not exactly hip. But lately, that’s changed. Stars like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner and Drew Pinsky have bought...

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Newsies On Broadway

I am not a big fan of Disney on Broadway.  Most of the time, I think Disney Shows should be at – well, Disney.  But Newsies on Broadway, the latest (and smallest) show from the Disney crew, may have changed my mind. I loved Newsies.  Mostly because I loved the dancing.  And because for once, the Disney cast did not feel quite so…well, Disney-fied.  (With the exception of the female lead, who looked, sang, and sounded like Ariel from Little Mermaid).  With a book by Harvey Firestein and music and lyrics by Alan Menken and a lesser known Jack...

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Universal Studios Orlando: It isn’t Disney World

Last year, I went to Orlando as a guest of the CVB with The Getaway Girl. I spent three days finding out that Orlando can be a blast even if you don’t hit the theme parks. This year, we hit the theme park. Universal Studios Orlando, to be exact.  I was with my family in Sarasota for the umpteenth time (thanks, Grandma), and it’s a pretty quick drive (about 90 minutes) so off we went.  We stayed at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel.  It was lovely, and cracked me up.  I mean — they dug a bay and put...

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Win a Trip to NY and the Cool Gear to Make it Easier

Traveling with babies is never easy. The gear, the diapers, the wipes, the toys, etc. etc. etc. Kind of makes you want to stay home. No no no! Recently, Trumpeting Media Invited me to the BabyCargo “Travel in Style” event at the beautiful, luxe (yet super family friendly Penninsula Hotel in midtown Manhattan.) to check out the latest trvel gear for babies and toddlers. I don’t even have babies anymore – but the stuff was too cool not to share. Wish I had had all this stuff when I was carting twin babies around. Bubble Bum: The world’s first...

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Summer in Ft. Lauderdale? Why Not?

Spring is here. Well, maybe not officially, but if the crocuses, daffodils, and forsythia are any indication – it’s Springtime! So it’s not too early to start planning your summer trips. And if you are looking for a bargain – you might want to consider Floridain the summer time. Summer in Greater Fort Lauderdale is “super” easy, “super” fun and “super” affordable. Because beginning May 1 – September 30, Greater Fort Lauderdale offers savings with 2-for-1 specials at attractions all over the place with their ‘Super Summer Savings’ program.Some of the finest beachfront resorts in the country are in...

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Philly Flower Show: Tropical Paradise on the East Coast

Remember that Brady Bunch episode – Double episode – where the whole family heads to Hawaii?  Greg surfed, Bobby got lost, and Vincent Price was there.  It was the closest I ever thought I’d get to Hawaii.  Until now.  Because now through March 11,  I can head to  “Hawaii: Islands of Aloha” at this year’s spectacular Philadelphia Flower Show – (March 3-11 at the Philadelphia Convention Center) This year, the organizers are combining technology and nature’s beauty in a spectacular way. It starts as soon as you walk in: a high-definition video projection makes it look and feel like...

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