kids-in-the-planeTravelingMom was created to make traveling easier for moms.  We know that the best travel guide is another mom and we make it our mission to provide useful, authentic, and honest information to help moms travel better

However, scouring the earth and vetting destinations to see what works for families and what doesn’t can be an expensive endeavor.  Some trips and products are provided to the TMOM Blogger Network in anticipation of a review. We share our experience and if the destination provides outstanding service, anyone reading that review should expect the very same service for themselves when they pay to visit.  If you do not, please let us know.


Disclosure rules are changing, thanks to some new guidance from the Federal Trade Commission governing sponsored posts, tweets and other paid-for content. As a social media leader with integrity, we will abide by these guidelines for how to clearly label our sponsored content.

1. Sponsored posts: TravelingMom will, from time to time, run posts that include paid links. However, we will only run posts that we believe contain information that is valuable to our readers and we will disclose any time a sponsor paid a fee for inclusion in a post or offered free or reduced price incentives to writers to post about their product, destination or attraction.

2. Posts featuring destinations or hotels that were provided to a Traveling Mom for free or at reduced cost will be clearly marked as such.

3. Posts reviewing products that were provided to a Traveling Mom for free or at a reduced cost will be clearly marked as such.

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Our promise to you, our readers, remains the same:: The reviews and information contained on our site contain opinions that are authentically our own. A Traveling Mom cannot be bought.