super bowl chicken wings

Photo credit: Kim Orlando / Traveling Mom

You think you can only find great chicken wings in the South? Β Think again. Β Virgil’s BBQ serves up more thanΒ 30,000 lbs. of itsΒ secret recipe chicken wings every year. Β It’s all in the rub. Chef Glen shows us how the magic is made so you can wow the crowd with these Super Bowl chicken wings at your next event or Super Bowl party.








Rub for 5 pounds of wings (I like to make more and store it for later):

1/4c Sweet Paprika

2.5 TBSP white sugar

1.5 TBSP Texas Chili powder

1.5 TBSP Dry Minced onion

1.5 TBSP Dry Minced garlic

1.5 TBSP Dry Parsley Flakes

1 TBSP salt