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Photo Credit: Julie Cohn

In a recent Facebook post, The JW Marriott Camelback Inn offered some clever travel tips about packing dryer sheets in your luggage.  The hotel suggests dryer sheets to reduce static in your hair, as well as using them to keep your suitcase smelling nice.  It got me thinking…what else could you use dryer sheets for while you travel?  Here are 10 other ideas for packing dryer sheets for your trip…

1.  To deodorize shoes:  Tuck a dryer sheet into each shoe before packing into your luggage, and it will prevent shoe order from getting to the rest of your clothes.  Hint: It works especially well on teenage boy’s sneakers.

2.  As a bug repellent:  The ingredients in dryer sheets are supposed to repel bugs.  Don’t wipe the dryer sheet on your skin; wipe your clothing with the sheet, then tuck it in a pocket before stepping outside.

3.  To deodorize hotel trashcans:  Bring a dryer sheet to throw in the bottom of your hotel trash can.  It will help absorb odors from food and other stinky trash, and will keep your room smelling nice.

4. For hotel room drawers:  If you are staying at a hotel for more than three days, it is nice to be able to unpack your suitcase and use the hotel room dresser drawers.  A dryer sheet will help absorb any “previous” odors in the drawer, and keep your clothing smelling fresh.

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Photo Credit: Julie Cohn

5.  Tuck between bath towels:  Some hotels towels have an “old” smell, so a dry sheet tucked between towels will keep them smelling “just-washed”.

6.  Clean a hotel iron:  A dryer sheet works wonders on sticky hotel irons.  Just set the iron on low and rub a dryer sheet over the iron surface until the “sticky” is gone.

7.  Road trip nose saver:  I don’t know about you, but about day three of a road trip, our car starts to get a “funky” smell, especially when traveling with our dog.  I toss a dryer sheet or two under each seat, and the “funk” is gone.

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Photo Credit: Julie Cohn

8.  Light that fire:  Going camping or renting a cottage with a big ol’ fireplace?  Dryer sheets make a great fire starter.

9.  Leave the sand at the beach:  Dryer sheets are great for getting dry sand off body parts.  Wipe your skin with a dryer sheet and the sand will disappear.

10.  Clean your electronics on the go:  Tuck a dryer sheet or two in your laptop bag; dryer sheets are great for wiping the dust off iPad, laptop, and other electronic screens.

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