Mom and son photo Marriott2Are you a mom who’s opinionated and loves to speak her mind? Do you have a unique story as a mom who frequently travels, has a special needs child or is single and trying to manage it all? Ever thought about writing for a national audience? Want the flexibility of writing on your own time with plenty of opportunity to play by your own rules?

You’re invited to join the TravelingMom Blog Team, subscribed to by moms around the world who are looking for tips, tricks and techniques for being a busy mom in today’s hectic world. Think you have what we’re looking for?

At TravelingMom, we take pride in distinguishing ourselves within the blogging community by adhering to a high standard of professional guidelines. Our blogging moms write about travel, whether it’s fantasizing about, planning for, returning from, or shopping for a trip. For our readers, it’s all about juggling their all-too-hectic schedules. They want to know they’re not alone. And they also want advice for dealing with everyday situations.

So while you may not travel every day, each blog post must be travel-related. Get creative!

Below are our guidelines, designed to ensure all posts are appropriate:

  • Rating/reviewing: As a blogging mom, you will have the opportunity to review products and destinations. Be honest and professional. Criticism is fine as long as it’s factual, accurate and constructive. Rants and disparaging comments are not welcome. Snarky and disparaging blogs get some press, but we don’t want traffic at the expense of others.
  • Be transparent: If you are writing about a product or trip you got for free or at a reduced price, admit it in print.
  • Be respectful: This is required even when commentators post irritating replies to your posts. If the comments are over the top, simply take them down.
  • No profanity: Avoid vulgar and uncivil language. It will not be tolerated.
  • In your name: You must author all posts. You may not create an alias or pseudonym to use in comments or to argue with others who comment on your blog.
  • Use links: If you write about a place, person, company or product that has a Web site, link to it in the text.
  • Develop your own voice: We expect consistently strong – even provocative – writing. Be opinionated, but never obnoxious.
  • Be clear: Write clearly and simply.
  • Proofread: Read, re-read and spellcheck! Remember that the Web is an infinite media. Anything you post can be used against you now and into the future. Proofread what you have written and run it through spellcheck before posting.
  • Become an ‘expert’: Blogs must be updated at least once a week. After three months of twice-weekly posts, you will be added to our Experts page as a TravelingMom expert. That honor comes with a badge noting your expertise that you can then post on your own blog.
  • Keywords: Use the keywords we will give you whenever possible to increase the probability that your blog will be found in the search engines.
  • Be professional: As long as you are a blogging Mom on the TravelingMom Web site, you represent the TravelingMom brand. We expect you to write and comport yourself professionally whenever you write, speak or appear under the TravelingMom banner.

In return for your commitment to TravelingMom, we commit to provide you with support, education and trips and travel-related products. We will offer regular sessions helping our bloggers learn about Search Engine Optimization, using keywords and other methods for maximizing traffic to your blog.

Ready to become a Blogging Mom? If you want to join us on our TravelingMom journey, fill out the following form with a 100-word biography, photo and a short note about your special travel interests, and how you would address those in an ongoing, regular blog.