Meeting Daily Caloric Intake When Traveling


food-labelsMy son was a preemie, so at two, he’s a whopping 25 lbs.  He also has multiple severe food allergies, including eggs, dairy, peanuts and shellfish and is one of the worlds most picky eaters.  One of the biggest obstacles, we face is meeting his daily caloric requirements at home, traveling makes it that much harder.

When my son was first diagnosed with food allergies, one of our biggest issues was a soy allergy that he has now outgrown.  Soy is in almost everything these days right down to some waxes that are on apples.  French Fries, a nice high calorie food are out when cooked in vegetable oil.   All of this made travel seem almost impossible but I’m happy to report, it can be made easier with a little planning and a large handbag.


Easy to pack/find calorie boosters to add to any restaurant meal

  • Sun butter, 1 Tbs = 100 calories
  • Butter replacer, calories vary by brand
  • Maple syrup (Cracker Barrel has nice little individual serving bottles.  After eating there bring them home, wash and refill with your own!) 1 Tbs = 50 calories
  • Jellies/ jams, 1 Tbs = 50 calories
  • Rice protein powder, calories vary by brand
  • Wheat germ 1 Tbs = 25 calories
  • Honey, 1 Tbs = 60 calories
  • Any kind of oil, 1 Tbs = 120 calories

Get Creative!

When you are eating out and your child has plain steamed vegetables or pasta, roll them in oil.  Add honey to steamed carrots for a special treat.  Add honey, maple syrup and jellies to plain oatmeal if you child will eat it.  Don’t forget that wheat germ can be hidden in almost everything. 

Don’t forget to pack snacks and back up foods

I have two favorite brands for travel.  Enjoy Life products and Allergaroo.  Enjoy Life brand is free of the top eight allergens (soy, egg, dairy, wheat, peanuts, nuts, fish and shellfish) and have a great variety of bars, lentil chips, chocolate (this is the only brand of chocolate my son can eat) cookies, trail mixes, cereals and more.  Allergaroo products are rice pastas pre-mixed with sauce (also free of the top eight most common allergens) in a microwavable pouch.  I have been known to pull one of these out in a restaurant in a pinch without microwaving.

Happy traveling!