Confessions of a Packaholic


luggageI am a serial over packer.  I seem to be completely incapable of “traveling light” like some of the other traveling moms I know.  What does that even mean anyway? I consider not bringing my own hair dryer an accomplishment (that leaves room for my flat iron).  Now, if hotels would start providing those, I’d be all set. I always start out with good intentions.  I set out the small suitcase and convince myself it is all I will need. One set of socks, bra and panties for each day.  But what if I work out? I’ll need more underwear, sports bras, sweat socks, and wow do my running shoes ever take up A LOT of space! 

Then I worry about having a warm enough clothes, and can I really live without my bathrobe? I settle on one pair of pajamas, one pair of heels and one pair of flats.  Toiletries are also an issue.  I don’t trust hotels to have decent shampoo and conditioner.  Plus I have a whole system for my face – day time and night time moisturizers, cleansers, and toners.  Makeup remover towelettes, razors, shaving gel, the list goes on.  I attempt to use travel size versions of everything, but I am always embarrassed at how my toiletry bag ends up bursting at the seams.  I have somehow morphed into a girly-girl in my mid 30′s.

The fact that airlines are now super strict with the weight limits on checked luggage has also led to some embarrassing situations at the baggage check-in for me.  I really should get one of those hand held suitcase scales and confirm weight restrictions with the airline before I leave home. There have been a few times where I have been forced to open up my bags and stuff heavier items into my carry on bags to avoid getting dinged with overage fees.  And yes, if you are one of those people who glide by me with one of those tiny bags that you can carry on, I am secretly cursing you out as I sit on top of my suitcase and attempt to zip it closed again. 

Are you a reformed packaholic? How did you make the shift from over packing to packing just enough?